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Find and Redirect Broken Links

How To Find and Redirect Broken Links In Blogger

The latest release of Blogger Search Preferences feature by Blogger gives a new way to redirect broken links to any location. To prevent 404 Error you must know how to fix and redirect the missing pages in your site or blog, this way you can increase your search engine ranking as well as reduce the number of 404 Erros.

What are Broken Links?

In layman terms any page or post that you delete in your blog or website is termed as a broken link by search robots. Its called broken because the link points to a missing content and displays a 404 error page.

How To Find Broken Links?

To find all broken links of your Blogger blog or WordPress blog follow the same method for all:

Google Webmaster Tools

Here you will see a list of several missing or broken URL list. This is because of the existed page in the past got deleted. It will not effect your blog search engine ranking, but removing errors is always good than letting the error list grow. Look at the URL errors and note down the links, we required these links later for redirection.

Online Broken Link Checker

This is a free online broken link checker that tells you which of the links are broken.
Once you will get list of missing/broken links then fix those missing/broken links using redirection method.

Redirect/Fixing Broken Links

Ssee how to redirect broken links using blogger search preferences functions.

1. Go to

2. Then go to Settings --> Search preferences.

3. Now Click on edit link next to custom redirects.

4. Inside the FROM Box, enter the broken link and Inside the TO Box enter the link to which you want to redirect broken link.

5. Then click on Save Changes button.

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