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Avira Internet Security 2013 v13.0.0.1334

Download internet security software Avira Internet Security 2013 v13.0.0.1334

You surf the Internet, make purchases  online, communicate by email, or maketransactions on your PC banking? The Avira Security Suite was designed to protect you and has an extra FireWall as well as an AntiSpam and a backup function in addition to the award-winning protection against viruses.

In an installation user-defined or modified installation, installation modules can be selected, added or removed. AntiVir Guard The AntiVir Guard runs in the background. It monitors and repairs, when necessary, files during operations such as open, write and copy in access mode. Whenever a user performs a file operation (document load, for example, execute, copy), Avira Premium Security Suite scans the file automatically. Renaming a file does not trigger a scan by AntiVir Guard.

AntiVir MailGuard
MailGuard is the interface between your computer and e-mail server that your email program (mail client) downloads the emails. MailGuard is connected as a proxy between the program called e-mail server and e-mail. All incoming emails are routed through this proxy, scanned for viruses and unwanted programs and forwarded to the e-mail program. Depending on configuration, the program processes the affected emails automatically or asks the user for a particular action. In addition, the MailGuard can reliably protect you from spam mails.

AntiVir WebGuard
When surfing the internet, you are using your web browser to request data from a web server. The data transferred from web server (HTML files, script files and image files, Flash, streaming video and music, etc.) will normally be transferred directly to the browser cache for display in a web browser, which means that scan access on-as performed by AntiVir Guard is not possible. This could allow viruses and unwanted programs to access your system computer.WebGuard is what is known as an HTTP proxy which monitors the ports used for data transfer (80, 8080, 3128) and scans the transferred data for viruses and unwanted programs. Depending on configuration, the program may process the affected files automatically or prompt the user to a specific action.

Avira Firewall
Avira Firewall controls communication to and from your computer. Allows or denies communications based on security policies. Rootkit Detection The Rootkit Detection checks whether software is already installed on your computer that can no longer be detected with conventional methods of malware protection after penetrating the computer system. Shell ExtensionThe Avira Premium Security Suite Shell Extension generates an entry Scan selected files with the context menu of Windows Explorer (right mouse button). With this entry you can directly scan files or directories. Backup The Backup component lets you create mirror backups of your data manually and automatically. OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 Language: English

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